This page will be used to post appropriately edited summaries of Jehovah's Witness "incidents" for which I have incomplete information, or which cannot be sufficiently verified to my comfort level to post on one of the main webpages in this website. These may come from any number of sources. Some I have stumbled across on the internet while researching the topic of this website. Not all such stories will be posted. I will use my own judgment as to which stories have the "ring of truth", and which do not. Readers may email me "incidents" of which they have firsthand knowledge. To better ensure posting of such, I would encourage the providing of as many details as possible. I will then edit out names, locations, etc. to ensure that the involved parties cannot be identified, since I have no way to verify the accuracy of the allegations. I have not linked this page from the homepage, but rather have only linked it from other internal pages. That way, only serious readers/users of this website will even find this particular webpage. Readers should feel free to take these summaries for whatever they feel they are worth.

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Here is an OCTOBER 2015 YELP review of a Pocasset, Massachusetts "alleged" Jehovah's Witness owned and operated automotive "miracle repair" business posted by a former employee:

"As a former employee I can honestly say John is not good to his employees as he is to customers. He constantly puts you down, yells at you, and calls you out in front of customers every chance he gets. John is an awful employer and business owner. Also as a former employee I know John first hand John cuts corners and scams people every chance he can. I also know their have been times were he gets paid to do stuff on cars and he will not do it and will still charge the customer or insurance company to do it. John is a crock and a thief and I highly advise you do not give him your business. ... ."



JW Contributor submits a series of "unpleasant" experiences which he had with the same Jehovah's Witness ELDER whom he once hired to do a variety of different types work on a new-old home into which he was moving.

First, JW Elder did not live in the same county where JWC's new-old home was located, but rather the JW Elder lived in a nearby county. When JWC had inquired whether there were any local JWs who could be hired to perform miscellaneous construction work on his new-old home, a local JW Elder recommended this out-of-town JW Elder whom had recently lost his high-wage "Union" job at a factory. (JWC was apparently TOO STUPID to ask the question -- How could anyone, much less a JW Elder, be FIRED from a comfy UNION JOB unless he doubly deserved to be fired?)

JWC contacted and hired JW Elder at an agreed on daily rate for an 8 hour workday to be paid at the end of each workday. JW Elder agreed to perform all miscellaneous work that JWC needed performed -- including all plumbing and electrical work, despite the fact that JW Elder did not have an electrical license (multiple electrical problems happened thereafter) nor a plumbing license (multiple leaks occurred thereafter). JWC declares that he has no doubt but that he will one day DIE in his sleep in a home fire that will eventually start due to JW Elder's past negligent electrical workmanship.

At the end of the workday which was two days before new carpeting was scheduled to be installed by the carpet company, JWC assigned JW Elder his next days work to prepare for the laying of the carpeting the following day -- repair loose squeaky spots in the base flooring, and replace certain "bad" sections of the base flooring.

JW Elder never showed up for work that day. The new carpeting had to be laid over the multiple "bad" spots in the floor. JW Elder showed up the following day and offered only a half-hearted apology for "missing a day of work" -- without any acknowledgment whatsoever that JWC's new carpeting had been laid over multiple "bad" spots due to his failing to show up for work.

When asked why he had failed to show up for the scheduled workday, JW Elder acted as if he was "offended" that JWC had ask him to explain his absence. Half annoyed to even answer JWC's question, JW Elder stated that his teenage son's car -- which the son drove to college -- would not start that morning, and he had stayed home to work on the car -- BECAUSE HE OWED MORE TO HIS SON THAN HE DID TO JWC.

Jump forward ONE YEAR. JWC was by then again needing several days of miscellaneous electrical and carpentry work performed, and once again, JWC could not get any of the local JWs to do the work for him. During the noon break at a Special Assembly Day, JW Elder Contractor walks by. As crappy the work as JW Elder had performed the year previous, admittedly STUPID JWC stopped JW Elder and asked him if he was still doing the same type work. JW Elder anxiously reply in the affirmative. Something made JWC hesitate and simply ask for JW Elder's current "rate", and to then tell JW Elder that he would telephone JW Elder when he was prepared to have JW Elder come and perform the work.

Although JWC and JW Elder terminated their conversation, other people came up to speak with both JWC and JW Elder. After the person speaking to JWC left, JW Elder was still speaking with another person. JWC then overheard JW Elder tell that person that "work was real slow", and that he had been driving (further than JWC's home) to do hot, nasty ROOFING WORK for a WORLDLY PERSON for HALF the daily rate that JW Elder had just quoted JWC to do interior carpentry and electrical work.

JWC decided then and there that he had no further need of JW Elder's services. Henceforth, JWC would either hire "worldy people", or do without!!!


An unresponsive tipster sent us these linked newspaper articles regarding an Indianapolis based company named ADVANCED RESTORATION CONTRACTORS, along with a note which stated that, "Here's what happens when a WATCHTOWER SOCIETY BETHELITE moves from New York City to Franklin, Indiana, to work for a real world for-profit construction company." Make of these what you will.

Franklin Businesses Close Due To Facade Fiasco

Franklin's $650,000 Renovation Stalled As City Plans To Fire Contractor

Does anyone out there know if this company is owned by Jehovah's Witnesses? If not, why are they hiring Bethelites from WatchTower HQ?


In 1991, the Philadelphia Inquirer published an article which featured a Philadelphia-area Jehovah's Witness, named Antonio Bazemore, who was a "Claims Analyst", who had been laid-off by AIG Insurance Company in 1990. The gist of the article was about how Bazemore was a 30 year-old white-collar employee, who was then having problems supporting himself, his wife, and his child(ren), and had already sold one of his luxury autos, and might have to sell the other. In 2002, "an" Antonio Bazemore, who was then employed as a "Claims Representative" in the Philadelphia area with AAA Mid-Atlantic Insurance Company, along with SEVEN CO-CONSPIRATORS were charged with attempting to defraud an insurance company out of approximately $18,000.00. Outcome of trial unknown. It is unknown if this "Antonio Bazemore" is the same person featured in the 1991 article.


In December 2012, the PENNSYLVANIA BOARD OF PARDONS conducted a "Burglary Pardon" hearing on behalf of a "Grant E. Beitler, II", who had been convicted in York County, Pennsylvania. That person possibly may be using any number of possible variations of his legal name, including "Grant Beitler", "Grant E. Beitler", or "Grant Beitler, II". An internet search reveals that there is an extended family of Jehovah's Witnesses named "Beitler" living in eastern Pennsylvania. In fact, there is a very interesting online Pennsylvania resume posting for a "Grant Beitler", who seeks a position as an "accountant", who lists his only occupation since 2004 as "Jehovah's Witness Outreach Ministry", and who lists various former positions in the banking industry between 1990 and 2004.


IN RE ALLEGHENY HEALTH, EDUCATION, AND RESEARCH FOUNDATION, ET AL was a 1999 Pennsylvania bankruptcy court case which involved a dispute between Graduate Hospital and Tenet Healthcare system. Details are sketchy, so Readers interested in this lawsuit should do much more research. As best as I can figure, Graduate Hospital was only one hospital among several in Pennsylvania owned by the same parent organization that went bankrupt in the late 1990s. Tenet Healthcare purchased some or all of the group's assets. Apparently, Graduate Hospital had established one of the first "bloodless medicine" programs in the United States. The employee who founded and ran the program was a Nurse Practioner named Kay Williams (aka Kay Williams DuPree). Although I have no direct proof that Williams - DuPree was a Jehovah's Witness, in the 1990s, when such programs were just being founded, it was not uncommon that the local founders of bloodless programs were JWs, or had some connection to the JWs. Amongst the issues in this lawsuit was the ownership status of a list of Jehovah's Witnesses who were potential customers of "bloodless surgery". It is not known what Williams - DuPree specifically did or did not do to be named in this lawsuit, but the lawsuit stated: "... plaintiffs assert that Kay Williams, one of the instant defendants, has breached her fiduciary duty to the debtor-affiliated enterprise ... ." Outcome unknown.


This Legal Notice was published in the Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, TIMES ONLINE, in January 2013:

Ocwen Loan Servicing, LLC, Plaintiff, vs. Dennis L. Cleckley, Michele M. Cleckley, Defendant(s), Owners or Reputed Owners. Execution No.: 11629-2011 Amount $211,232.96

Dennis Cleckley Sr. is the African-American "Presiding Overseer", or, "Chairman of the Body of Elders" at a Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses. Son, Dennis L. Cleckley, Jr., also once served at WatchTower Farm in Wallkill, New York.


A Jehovah's Witness Employee was penalized for refusing to wrap Christmas presents which the employer was donating to/through a separate charity. Complaint supposedly filed with EEOC.


A Jehovah's Witness "Educator" pursued employment within an area of education that required the obtaining of a Master's Degree within a set period of time. JW hired a second JW, who did not even have a bachelor's degree, to write their Master's Thesis. Un-degreed JW had been recommended to first JW Educator by a second JW Educator, who Un-degreed JW had "helped" with their Master's Thesis.


In 2006, an African-American Jehovah's Witness "guardian" filed a federal lawsuit against a governmental entity charged with the care of her "child", which presented a plethora of racial and religious discrimination allegations. Interestingly, back in the 1990s, this very same Jehovah's Witness was once charged with child care neglect while operating a day care facility.


A former JW husband and wife recently posted on a public discussion board that they had been "shunned" by a WalMart employee who is an Elder at a Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses that they formerly attended. The couple reports that this JW Employee had first shunned them on a previous visit. However,when the Elder shunned them a second time while he was working as the "door greeter", they had the courage to report his improper conduct to the Store Manager. The Store Manager apologized for the JW Employee's behavior, and promised that the JW Employee would be counseled that WalMart would not tolerate a JW Employees' practicing shunning while the employee was performing job duties. While this couple should be praised for having the courage to report the JW Employee's improper behavior, they should have demanded a written response. That would have forced the Store Manager to report the incident to corporate headquarters. HQ would then have investigated the matter, both specifically and generically, and then a company-wide policy against shunning would have been adopted and communicated throughout the world.


Another former JW recently posted on a public discussion board that they had been "shunned" by a JW Employee who was working as a WalMart "door greeter". However, that poster did not have the courage to report the improper behavior to Store Management. Typical of the majority of former JWs, that courage-less poster rationalized away their participating in and facilitating their own shunning. Yet, they then take the time to whine on a public discussion board.


Although reported only as a brief blurb, an Australian worker's compensation sounded odd enough to post here. Apparently, a JW had worked for a mining company for six years, but when his company attempted to transfer him to a different position, he went on extended sick leave, and filed a claim for "pain and suffering", which resulted in a payment of $60,000.00. The blurb made it sound as if the JWs main claim was that he was being "exposed to pornography" by his co-workers. Secondarily, the JW claimed that his asthma would not allow him to work in the new position. Sounds more like the run-of-the-mill situation where an employee comes up with every excuse in the world to keep from being transferred to a different job.


Posted to a 2006 Blog complaining about a JW co-worker:
I can't help, but am in a similar situation. My co-worker is a Jehovah's Witness who thinks her job is to judge everyone else. She says she is a Christian, but she is not. She uses her religion to hurt other people. She claims that because she is religious, she does not lie, and then proceeds to trash everyone she doesn't like. The boss believes her because "religious people can't lie". What a racket!
Posted to an August 2007 Blog complaining about a JW co-worker:
At my job there is a man who is a Jehovah's Witness. I spend two hours with him every day during the changeover from day shift to night shift. He has begun his mission with me and others at work to save us from eternal damnation. Because of his proselytizing I have done a little research into the JW organization. I believe that the word "cult" accurately describes it. They are certainly well meaning people, but they have no tolerance for discussion with sound rebuttals to their belief system. He gave me some literature which I read and I found rebuttals for all the inconsistencies. I made a list of websites that answered the false claims of his literature and asked him if he wanted to look at them. He said ther was no reason for him to get involved with "apostates". So it's OK for me, who he knows is a practicing Catholic, to read his literature which refutes the basic tenets of my faith, but he has no time to read or think about anything that might contradict his faith. That tells me that his faith is based on sand and would be easily washed away by the truth. I plan on telling him that I no longer want to hear his proselytizing. There really is [no] place for it in the workplace.
Posted to a 2007 Blog complaining about a JW co-worker:
The people I work with have been wonderful [save for the Jehovah's Witness, but he's been fired for poor work ethic, being slow, and annoying the hell out of everyone], but management and the organization of the company has been far less than spectacular. ... I liked it enough that I would have asked to be put on install permanently, but that's where the Jehovah's Witness was at the time and I wasn't about to work with him [he got me riled up way too much every time we worked together].
2003 Discussion Board post:

My husband's coworker is a Jehovah's Witness. He has always made comments to him about everything that's wrong with everything that everyone else believes. And it just so happened that last week he happened to be over our house when I got home from work. This was the first time I had actually met him face to face. ... ... Then the next day, he gave my husband a hard time about "letting me get into that STUFF"! I can't believe how rude and self righteous some people can be ... actually I guess I can. But here's the real kicker... the reason he was over my house was to break into his wife's email account only to find out she was cheating on him! Hypocrite!

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