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CALIFORNIA v. DOLORES DOYLE was a 1986-89 California MURDER prosecution which was related to the CALIFORNIA v. MILOS KLVANA murder prosecution, which was labeled the first instance of a doctor in the United States being convicted for "murder" in the death of a patientDr. Milos Klvana was the owner-operator of a string of obstetric clinics in southern California. Dolores Doyle, an unlicensed LAY MIDWIFE, was Klvana's "right hand assistant" from around 1980 until 1986 -- reportedly performing around 400 deliveries. Doyle allegedly used her status as one of Jehovah's Witnesses to bring in fellow Jehovah's Witnesses to Klvana's clinics. Klvana was held out to the JW Community as a practicer of "bloodless medicine". Doyle's attorney, in his opening statement, related that Delores Doyle believed in childbirth as a ''spiritual experience'', and that Doyle was dedicated to tending women who shunned hospital births for religious or economic reasons.

Aaron Diederick was born on January 30, 1984, at Klvana's Temple City clinic, and died eight days later, on February 7, 1984. His Jehovah's Witness Parents, Brian Diederick and Lana Diederick, originally had arranged with Delores Doyle to deliver the baby at their Garden Grove home. Because of complications and prolonged labor, the delivery was moved to the Temple City clinic. "I labored for hours and begged for a cesarean, but Delores told me it would kill the baby, so we all listened to her," stated Lana Diederick. The baby was born blue and was not breathing. Klvana and Doyle worked for three hours to revive him. He started breathing on his own, and Klvana told the Diedericks that they could take Aaron home. Around 6:00 AM, the next morning, they found Aaron limp and unresponsive. Paramedics took him to a local hospital, which later transferred him to Childrens Hospital in Los Angeles. Aaron Diederick was found to have irreversible brain damage, and finally brain death. One of the counts of insurance fraud relates to this case. The bill for Aaron's delivery was submitted to the insurance company with the date of birth given as August 1983. Brian Diederick and Lanna Diederick testified against Milos Klvana.

On May 19, 1984, Kimberly Yvonne Ennis, a 19 year-old African-American Jehovah's Witness from Compton, gave birth to a son named Tyrone at the Temple City clinic. Delores Doyle oversaw the delivery, with Klvana arriving just as did the baby. The newborn's cry was "weak ... like he had something caught in his throat", later stated father Del Allen Ennis. The baby was covered with fetus fecal matter. Doyle allegedly told Kim,"He's going to be all right, he just has some stuff in his lungs, and (we're) just trying to clear it out."  Tyrone Ennis began to turn blue. Klvana decided to call a pediatrician. Tyrone first was taken to the pediatrician's office, and then several hours later, to Childrens Hospital, where Tyrone died May 26, 1984. The Ennis's did not blame Klvana. "It seemed like everyone was out to get Dr. Klvana. ... As far as I'm concerned ... all [Tyrone] had was a breathing problem when he went into the hospital, and that's where he died," stated Del A. Ennis. Tyrone's death did not deter the Ennis's from trying home birth again."I feel that once you're in a hospital, you have no rights," stated Del Ennis. When Kim Ennis again became pregnant, they returned to Klvana, but he said he was being investigated and recommended that they go to someone else.

In a 1989 jury trial, Dr. Klvana was convicted of nine counts of second degree murder (eight babies and one "fetus")five counts of aiding and abetting the practice of medicine without a license (Dolores Doyle's activities), one count of conspiracy to practice medicine without a license (Dolores Doyle's activities), nineteen counts of preparing a fraudulent insurance claim, ten counts of presenting a false insurance claim, two counts of grand theft, and two counts of perjury. Klvana was sentenced to 53 years in prison. The good doctor received financial and other support from a large organized group of former patients, called "Friends of Milos Klvana". It is not known if or how many of those supporters were Jehovah's Witnesses (See next case.)

Earlier, in April 1989, in the midst of her murder trial, Dolores Doyle, then age 36, pleaded guilty to three counts of involuntary manslaughter, seven counts of insurance fraud, five counts of unlawfully practicing medicine without a license, and one count of conspiracy to practice medicine without a license. In return for her guilty plea, prosecutors dropped three second-degree murder charges. Doyle, who had been in jail for more than two years while awaiting trial, was sentenced to eight years in prison. That sentence was "stayed", and Doyle was released on five years probation. As a condition of probation, Doyle was not to provide any type of health care services, or work for anyone who did. Doyle had been offered the same deal earlier, but decided to accept it after becoming so emotionally distraught during her trial the previous week that she had to be taken to see a psychiatrist.


CALIFORNIA v. ROSALIE TARPENING (1981) and CALIFORNIA v. ROSALIE TARPENING (1989) were two unrelated California criminal prosecutions of another Jehovah's Witness unlicensed LAY MIDWIFE (See CALIFORNIA v. DOLORES DOYLE). Rosalie Tarpening was the wife of a Chiropractor named Donald A. Tarpening, of Madera, California. Using the couple's combination home-offices, and using the couple's prominence amongst thousands of mentally ill California Jehovah's Witnesses -- females, particularly -- Rosalie Tarpening developed a large clientele of both JWs and Non-JWs over the decades. Using a Physical Therapist license as her excuse to "treat" patients, Rosalie Tarpening practiced "healing" far beyond her training and experience as a health care professional. Tarpening eventually practiced without licenses -- medicine, homeopathy, midwifery, reflexology, iridology, and colonics.

In 1979-81, Rosalie Tarpening was prosecuted for MURDER as a result of the death of a baby that she delivered negligently at her home-office. (JW status of illegal Mexican parents unknown.) The murder charges were dismissed during prelims by an incompetent judge after an elderly (DOB:1901), retired-in-1960s, defense expert witness, named Edith Potter, placed 100% of the blame for the newborn's death on the ER doctors whom had the believed-stillborn "corpse" dumped in their laps. Potter placed zero blame on Tarpening. Tarpening was only convicted of practicing medicine without a license. Tarpening was given a one-year suspended jail sentence and placed on two years probation. The trial court also ordered Tarpening to stop providing pregnancy care and delivering babies for two years. Thereafter, the state medical board ordered Tarpening to STOP performing "midwifery" permanently.

During that first prosecution, "THE ROSALIE TARPENING DEFENSE COMMITTEE", was formed by unknown persons, but was chaired by JW Elder, David Peterson, of the Monterey, California Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses. For readers who understand the inner workings of the WatchTower Cult, this is the most informative paragraph in this case summary.

In 1987, Phillip and Susan Coscia, age 37, (Jehovah's Witnesses) were expecting their third child. In 1976, the Coscias also had hired Tarpening to "attend" the delivery of their second child. This time, in January 1988, Susan Coscia was in labor for 50 hours before finally delivering the baby stillborn at a local hospital. Rosalie Tarpening was prosecuted for MURDER a second time. This time, the JW Patients promoted Tarpening's prosecution. The Coscias swore that they had repeatedly asked Tarpening to allow them to go to the hospital, but thatTarpening repeatedly assured them that everything was going okay, and that there was no need to go to the hospital.

JW MINISTER TARPENING swore that she was not present during the first 48 hours of labor at the Coscias' home for the purpose of delivering their baby. (That is why she HID her automobile.) "I was doing her a FAVOR by being there. I wasn't there to deliver the baby. ... I was helping her husband deliver the baby. I didn't kill it. It was born dead at the hospital."  Tarpening claimed that it was she who repeatedly urged the Coscias to go to the hospital, and they refused. Tarpening further proclaimed that she was being PERSECUTED by California's state medical board. This time the jury did not believe Tarpening nor the even older "expert witness" -- Edith Potter -- who had testified during the preliminaries of Tarpening's first murder prosecution. This time the prosecution was prepared with multiple sane experts who testified that the baby would have lived if it had received proper medical care early in Susan Coscia's labor. (Edith Potter testified that the baby had been dead even before Coscia went into labor -- in contradiction of all three parties present during labor, whom all testified that the baby had been kicking and moving throughout the first 24-30 hours of labor.) 

Rosalie Tarpening, by then age 62, was convicted of second-degree MURDERThis was the first time that a midwife, or any health care professional for that matter, had been convicted in California of MURDERING a newborn during its delivery. Tarpening also was convicted of the unlawful practice of medicine, reflexology, homeopathy, and iridology. UNBELIEVABLY, the judge sentenced Rosalie Tarpening to 5 years PROBATION. All convictions were affirmed by the Court of Appeal of California. California's medical board finally permanently revoked Rosalie Tarpening's Physical Therapist license in 1991.

AMUSINGLY, the appellate attorney for JW MINISTER TARPENING also presented the argument that the DEAD baby was not a person under pertinent parts of California's criminal law, but rather was nothing but an unprotected "fetus". Notably, during both murder prosecutions, there was testimony about Tarpening instructing the parents and attending friends and relatives to LIE about Tarpening's activities during a delivery if anyone ever inquired -- apparently SOP for every delivery.

INTERESTINGLY, after the death of the Coscia's baby, but prior to the start of the criminal trial, the Coscias charged Tarpening with violations of the Bible with the Body of Elders at the Madera Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses. Three JW Elders investigated the allegations. Rosalie Tarpening was NOT disfellowshipped -- apparently due to perceived discrepancies in what the three JW Elders were told by the Tarpenings and the Coscias. Tarpening's trial attorney asked the three elders to testify during the trial, but the three JW Elders claimed"clergy privilege" -- undoubtedly after consulting WatchTower Legal. However, after Tarpening was convicted of murder, Tarpening's appellate attorney asked those three JW Elders to contact WatchTower Legal about reconsidering their earlier decision. WatchTower Legal advised the three JW Elders that, given the circumstances, "it was their decision", if during the appeals process, they wanted to breach the confidentiality they held with the Coscias and Tarpening by testifying to what they had been told by the various parties. (Notably, the trained and experienced appellate Justices were nowhere as near exercised over the alleged discrepancies in the Coscias' testimonies as were the three "Jehovah's Janitors". "Jehovah's Janitors" apparently used such to avoid, or at least delay, penalizing the prominent Rosalie Tarpening, while the Justices believed the perceived discrepancies to be so inconsequential as not warranting a reversal of a MURDER conviction.)


GEORGIA v. MICHAEL MORGAN is an ongoing 2017 Georgia criminal prosecution. In May 2017, a male Jehovah's Witness Registered Nurse named Michael Morgan, age 33, of Adairsville, Georgia, was arrested on two counts of sexual battery and two counts of custodial sexual assault. Michael Morgan was employed at Northern Crescent Endoscopy and Atlanta Gastroenterology Associates located on Emory University's Saint Joseph Hospital's campus. The sexual assaults are alleged to have occurred in early 2017.

Police allege that the sexual assaults occurred while female patients were recovering from anesthesia. The married Mike Morgan is alleged to have lifted the female patients' clothing and viewed and fondled their breasts. More significantly, Michael Morgan reportedly admitted to injecting at least one of his victims with Propofol so that he could keep the woman under sedation while he fondled her. Morgan reportedly obtained the Propofol from a used plunger dug out of the medical trash container.


STATE OF VICTORIA v. MALCOLM LEE was a 2016 Australia criminal court case which involved a Jehovah's Witness Minister and licensed Massage Therapist. In December 2016, Malcolm Lee, age 56, was sentenced to 45 months in prison (30 months minimum), for raping and sexually assaulting an 80 year old female client at her home near East Gippsland, Victoria, in March 2016. Michael Lee admitted and pled guilty to kissing, sexually touching, and digitally raping the elderly client during a massage session gifted to the elderly client by her daughter. Malcolm Lee claimed that he had believed that his inappropriate actions had the consent of the elderly client, and that she had enjoyed such, because the elderly client reacted to the ongoing assault by "freezing" and not actively objecting nor resisting Lee's assault.

TEXAS v. PEDRO ORTIZ was a July 2015 Texas criminal prosecution of a reported JEHOVAH'S WITNESS ELDER who was employed as a MRI Technician at at St. Luke's Diagnostic and Treatment Center in Houston, Texas. Pedro Ortiz, age 34, was arrested on a misdemeanor charge of "Improper Photography/Video Recording" after a 24 year-old female patient discovered Ortiz's poorly concealed cellphone recording her while she was dressing in a dressing room. Pedro Ortiz reportedly admitted the misdeed to police. His bond was set at $2000.00. Outcome unknown.
CROWN v. DANIEL SIMONETTI was a 2009 British criminal prosecution of a JEHOVAH'S WITNESS MINISTER who is a member of the heavily-recruited and in turn heavily-recruiting DEAF JEHOVAH'S WITNESS COMMUNITY (like the biblical roaring lion prowling the Serengiti looking for a vulnerable victim).

In March 2009, Daniel Simonetti, age 31, of Merton Bank, who was employed as a delivery person for a local pharmacist, sexually assaulted an 89 year-old female to whom Dan Simonetti had at other times regularly delivered prescriptions to her home in Ashton. On a Wednesday afternoon in March 2009, after delivering a prescription to one of the victim's neighbors, Simonetti thereafter stopped at the victim's home where he found the door to be unlocked. Simonetti entered the victim's home, and introduced himself as a "trainee doctor" to the victim whom did not recognize Simonetti as her regular prescription delivery person. Simonetti even pretended to talk with a superior on his cellphone. Simonetti instructed the victim to undress so that he could take a urine specimen. Simonetti then proceeded to sexually penetrate the victim causing her bruising, swelling, and immense pain, and thereafter, fear and psychological devastation. At some point, a neighbor who possibly had heard the victim scream out in pain, knocked on the door and interrupted Simonetti before he could do anything worse. Simonetti briefly spoke to the neighbor and left, and the victim then told her neighbor what Simonetti had done to her. Simonetti was arrested two days later, and initially charged with rape. That charge was later dropped in exchange for a guilty plea to sexual assault by penetration.

The trial judge imposed an indeterminate sentence, and ordered Daniel Simonetti to serve at least three years in jail before the Parole Board could decide if and when Simonetti should be released. Dan Simonetti was also ordered to sign onto the Sex Offenders Register for life.

Unbelievably, the trial judge even disclosed that Dan Simonetti had previously ADMITTED having indecently assaulted the 4 year-old daughter of "AN AQUAINTANCE HE KNEW THROUGH HIS INVOLVEMENT WITH THE JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES" back in 1996. Readers should not be too quick to assume that the victim was the child of a fellow Jehovah's Witness. Given this Perpetrator's modus operandi, the judge's verbiage can just as easily refer to an "acquaintance" made during Simonetti's door-to-door proselytizing. Maybe Simonetti was comfortable doing what he did in 2009 because he had done the same thing previously -- at least once back in 1996, and probably multiple times thereafter.

CALIFORNIA v. JOSE LUIS MARTINEZ was a 2006-7 California criminal court case which involved a 43 year-old Jehovah's Witness Minister named Jose Luis Martinez, of Fresno, California, who was employed as a JANITOR at ST. AGNES HOSPITAL, and who was a SERIAL CHILD PREDATOR. In May 2006, Jose L. Martinez was arrested on charges of sexually assaulting three schoolgirls, ages 6 to 9, walking to and from Greenberg Elementary School, in Fresno, on three separate occasions, in April-May 2006. Police believed that Martinez was responsible for other sexual assaults against children, and eventually charged him with two additional assaults which occurred in 2005; one against a 5 year-old girl. At trial, police testified that Jose Martinez would pull up to the walking children and tell them that he knew their parents, and offer them a ride, and treats. Sometimes he would even buy them fast-food, before then taking them somewhere to "play games".
WILLIAM E. SLUE v. NEW YORK UNIVERSITY ET AL was a 2004-06 New York federal lawsuit which involved an African-American Jehovah's Witness named William E. Slue. William Slue was employed by NYU from June 1962 until he was fired in January 2004.  At the time of his termination, Slue was Supervisor of Medical Photography. After a secret investigation, which included undercover work performed by a private investigation firm (named as a defendant)Slue was accused of taking extra photographs of female patients (including breasts and genitalia) for his own personal use. Slue denied all of NYU's allegations, and filed a federal lawsuit alleging wrongful discharge and breach of contract, improper termination of lease, improper denial/termination of benefits, conversion, defamation, intentional infliction of emotional distress, interference with contract, intentional interference with economic opportunity, and violation of federal and state privacy laws. In January 2006, the federal court dismissed all of Slue's charges against NYU, except his charge that some emails sent by a NYU supervisor were "defamatory". In September 2006, a jury determined that the emails in question were not written with malice, and ruled in NYU's favor.


ALLSTATE INSURANCE COMPANY v. ADVANTAGE MEDICAL DIAGNOSTIC INC was a 2001 Flordia civil lawsuit which involved Victor H. Chery, then age 45, of Tampa, Florida. Victor Chery was the owner of Advantage Medical Diagnostic Inc., in Tampa, Florida. Victor Chery was also a JEHOVAH'S WITNESS ELDER, and corporateSecretary/Treasurer of the Egypt Lake Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses.

In March 2001, Allstate Insurance Company filed a lawsuit against Advantage Medical Diagnostic Inc. which alleged thatAMD was a "broker" of MRIs and other diagnostic services, which had billed Allstate for services which it had not performed. The complaint further charged, "AMD has also engaged in a pattern of criminal activity by paying and receiving commissions, bonuses, rebates, kickbacks or bribes or in kind or engaged in a split-fee arrangement with referring physicians or with the actual diagnostic facilities." Outcome unknown.


ADVANTAGE MEDICAL DIAGNOSTIC v. STATE FARM INSURANCE COMPANY was a 2001 Florida civil lawsuit which AMD ludicrously filed against State Farm to collect for MRI services allegedly performed on one of State Farm's policyholders in July 1999. In December 2001, the case was summarily dismissed, with the court stating in part:

Plaintiff which did not perform necessary medical services and is not a physician, hospital, clinic, or other person or institution lawfully rendering treatment to an injured person for a bodily injury covered by PIP insurance is not entitled to payment for MRI services from insurer or insured.


FLORIDA v. VICTOR H. CHERY was a 2005 Florida state criminal case which involved Victor H. Chery, then age 49, of Tampa, Florida. In March 2005, Victor Chery was arrested and charged with "patient brokering", which was a third-degree felony that carried a maximum five-year prison sentence. Chery's arrest was part of a two year "insurance fraud" investigation conducted by Florida's Department of Financial Services - Division of Insurance Fraud, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the U.S. Postal Inspection Service, the National Insurance Crime Bureau, and the Hillsborough County State Attorney's Office. Allegedly, accident victims (real and not real) were solicited by attorneys and others, who in turn "sold" the "victims" to doctors, medical clinics, diagnostic firms, etc., who in turn billed insurance companies for unneeded services and services not preformed. Outcome unknown.


Advantage Medical Diagnostic Inc. was closed as a result of the 2005 criminal investigation. Victor Chery currently owns and operates Quality Diagnostics of Tampa, Inc. at the same address.


CALIFORNIA v. EFREN SALDIVAR was a 2001-2 California criminal case which involved a Jehovah's Witness named Efren Saldivar. In 2002, Efren Saldivar pled guilty to six counts of murder and one count of attempted murder in a deal with prosecutors in which he would be sentenced to life imprisonment rather than receiving the death penalty.  Efren Saldivar was an"Angel of Death", who had worked as a Respiratory Therapist in a number of California hospitals from 1989 until 1998. The number of patients murdered by Saldivar is uncertain, but the number may have been in excess of 100 people.

Efren Saldivar was the son of illegal Mexican immigrants. Saldivar was reared as a Jehovah's Witness, and as is often the case, Saldivar had a troubled childhood. Saldivar was a loner with few social skills. He dropped out of high school during his senior year.  Discouraged by his job at a supermarket, and encouraged by a friend attending vocational school, Saldivar decided to pursue training as a Respiratory Therapist.  After obtaining a G.E.D., and completing one year of vocational school, Saldivar began his career as a RT in 1989.  At the age of 20, this "angel of death" began his spree of "mercy killings". The first victim was an elderly female who was suffering from cancer and terminally ill. Saldivar disconnected part of her breathing apparatus so that she would suffocate to death. Over 1,000 patients died at some point on Saldivar's (third) shift during the eight years at the hospital where he worked fulltime. Saldivar also worked at a number of other hospitals on a part-time basis over the years. Even Saldivar did not know how many people he had killed. Saldivar stated that he stopped keeping count after the number passed 60.


UNITED STATES v. THERESA GOLDBERG and UNITED STATES v. DAVID GOLDBERG were two 1998-99 New York federal criminal court cases which involved a Jehovah's Witnesses couple named David and Theresa Gaetonina Goldberg. The Goldbergs were originally charged with the kidnapping of a handicapped 6 year old Hasidic boy, named Chaim Weill. Theresa Goldberg had provided health care services for the Brooklyn boy for several years as a city government provided Home Health Aide subcontractor. However, Goldberg felt that the child was not getting proper attention and treatment for his cerebral palsy from his parents. Goldberg wanted to get the boy some sort of unorthodox healing or holistic treatments in South Carolina. Under the pretense of taking the child out for a stroll in his wheelchair, Goldberg abducted the child and later attempted to transport the boy to South Carolina without the parents knowledge or permission. The FBI arrested Theresa Goldberg in Chester, Virginia two days later where she and the child were found sleeping in a car. Interestingly, when the child was rescued by the FBI, his yarmulke had been thrown away, and his payess had been cut off.

Both David and Theresa Goldberg were allowed to plead guilty to reduced charges. Theresa Goldberg pled guilty to "kidnapping conspiracy" and received a 57 month sentence, of which she probably served very little. David Goldberg, who knew of his wife's plans to kidnap the child, was allowed to plead to "criminal conspiracy", and received a sentence of only 10 months.


IN THE MATTER OF JUDITH M. DAVIS was a 1998-2004 California disciplinary action brought by the California Board Of Registered Nursing against a Jehovah's Witness Registered Nurse named Judith Davis, who is the wife of a Jehovah's Witness named Dion Tolbert. On February 6, 1998, Davis was admitted to the Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center ER and confirmed to be under the influence of opiates and PCP. Davis also had in her possession sixteen 100mg ampules of Demerol, one nearly empty 2mg vial of Ativan, and two syringes. On February 16, 1998, a complaint was filed with the Board against Davis alleging her positive test for opiates and PCP and her use and possession of drugs. On July 10, 1998, the Board began an investigation of the complaint against Davis. In April 1999, Davis admitted that she had tried to commit suicide on February 6, 1998. On September 3, 2001, pursuant to an Order to Compel Psychiatric Examination issued by the Board, Davis was examined by a Dr. Rath, who diagnosed Davis as having borderline personality disorder and major depression recurrent type, and concluded she was unable to safely practice nursing. Davis contested the diagnosis and repercussions to her career. In October 2004, the California Board Of Registered Nursing suspended Davis' license pending a future mental health examination determining that Davis was capable of safely practicing as a RN. Outcome/current status unknown.


Per the Fall 1997 issue of DME MEDICARE NEWS, a Montgomery County, Pennsylvania Chiropractor, named James N. Roebuck, then age 45, had been "indefinitely" suspended by the federal government from participating in the federal Medicare Insurance Program, effective February 1997. James N. Roebuck, Jr. is the son of well known Jehovah's Witness Chiropractor, James N. Roebuck, Sr., who not only treated JWs throughout the greater Philadelphia area for 40 years, but reportedly was "Chiropractor-to-the-stars" at the International HQs of the WatchTower Bible and Tract Society.  Dr. James Roebuck, Sr., died in 1995, while performing services at the WatchTower Society's large Patterson, New York complex. James N. Roebuck, Sr. also traveled for years on behalf of the WatchTower Society, serving as "Chairman's Assistant" and "Purchasing Supervisor" at numerous WatchTower Conventions around the United States. Curiously, when doing PR media interviews at these conventions, Roebuck would "profession-drop" that he was a Chiropractor, but he would then indicate that he was performing various non-medical services at that convention.


MILLS v. ALEATA MAY BEACH, STROER v. ALEATA M. BEACH, and OKLAHOMA v. ALEATA BEACH were two 1994-95 Oklahoma civil lawsuits and one criminal court case which involved a Jehovah's Witness Registered Nurse named Aleata May Beach. Aleata M. Beach was indicted in 1994 for the murders of four terminally ill patients who were all under Beach's care at Grady Memorial Hospital. All four patients died in August 1994. Three days after the fourth patient died, Aleata May Beach attempted suicide, but failed. Aleata Beach left a suicide note in which she detailed how she killed each patient. However, after recovering from the failed suicide attempt, Beach recanted her story, and blamed the suicide attempt and the note on depression caused by her work with terminally ill patients. At her trial, a doctor and a nurse both testified that they had heard Beach state that she had killed the four patients, but they also opined that she did not do so. Beach had graduated in May 1992.

Beach was eventually cleared of all criminal charges because the deaths of the four terminally ill patients could not be proven to have been caused by Beach. Autopsies performed later were hampered by the fact that the bodies had been embalmed. Beach voluntarily surrendered her nursing license rather than submit to an investigation by the state licensing board. Families of two of the deceased patients filed wrongful death suits, but the outcomes are unknown.


IN RE PAMELA WARD, RN was a 2004-06 Connecticut regulatory disciplinary proceeding. Effective 12/1/2004, Pamela Ward's license to practice as a Registered Nurse was suspended for a term of one year by the State of Connecticut. Pam Ward waived her right to a hearing and did not contest the state's allegations that on January 24, 2004, while employed at a Stamford, CT nursing home, named Courtland Gardens Health Center, that Pamela Ward "failed to provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation within acceptable standards of practice". It is not known what consequences, if any, resulted to the elderly resident.
In October 2004, Pamela Ward, by then residing and working at the world headquarters of the WatchTower Bible and Tract Society, in Brooklyn, New York, signed a Consent Order which required Ward to submit this Order to all current and future employers during the probationary period, as well as have those employers submit quarterly evaluations to the state. There were also restrictions as to the type of institutions at which Ward could provide any type of nursing services. In January 2006, Pamela Ward received Notice that she had successfully completed the probationary period, and her license was restored.

FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH v. CHRISTIE LEE COOK was a 2003 Florida regulatory disciplinary proceeding. Christie L. Cook was licensed as a Physical Therapist by the state of Florida in August 1996. In October 2002, a regulatory audit disclosed that Christie Cook had failed to provide the state with proof of required continuing education training, and followup on such further disclosed that Cook had moved multiple times without giving the state the required notice -- including by then residing and working at the world headquarters of the WatchTower Bible and Tract Society, in Brooklyn, New York. At a public hearing in October 2003, Christie Lee Cook was assessed a $250.00 administrative fine, plus costs, plus issued a Letter of Concern.

INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE v. KENNETH WAYNE STEJSKAL SR. ET AL was a 2005 United States Tax Court decision. Kenneth W. Stejskal Sr. was a Jehovah's Witness Minister living in Hutchinson, Kansas, who during the early 1970s began to practice homeopathy, reflexology, iridology, etc. Later, in the 1980s-1990s, Ken Stejskal added the multi-level marketing (MLM) of various purported health products to his business operations. Among the MLM companies represented by Kenny Stejskal were Noni International and Nature's Sunshine, which both eventually had large numbers of distributors who were Jehovah's Witnesses. (Readers should not confuse JW Minister Ken Stejskal, of Kansas, with JW Minister Ken Roland, then of neighboring Oklahoma, who was Noni's first and largest distributor for many years.)

Affiliated entities included: Stejskal's Herb ShopStejskal Enterprises, Inc.Stejskal Enterprises TrustBio-Active Kansas TrustCountry Rose Holding Trust, and Total Health Center Trust. Around 1995, family members living in Texas opened an affiliated business in Corpus Christi. Kenny Stejskal Sr. retired in 1999, but retained ownership of the businesses. Ken Stejskal thereafter relocated to Corpus Christi, Texas. An online 2013 report still shows two "Stejskals" as being top Noni distributors.

In 2005, for tax year 1999 only, the U.S. Tax Court ruled that Stejskal owed additional taxes of $181,163.85, plus penalties of $241,551.80.

INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE v. KENNETH WAYNE STEJSKAL SR. ET AL was a 2006 United States Tax Court case which related to tax years 2000 and 2001. For 2000, the IRS determined additional taxes in the amount of $106,252.00 , plus penalties of $21,250.40. For 2001, the IRS determined additional taxes in the amount of $443,939.00, plus penalties of $88,787.80. Outcome unknown.

How in the world could a Jehovah's Witnesses owned-operated MLM Vitamin - Herbals business generate that much annual income? Here is a publicly posted summary of a telephone conversation with "Dr." Kenneth Stejskal, which reportedly occurred in 1998 (emphasis ours):

8-11-98 Conversation with Dr. Kenneth Stejskal, Clinic in Hutchison, Kansas -- Homeopathic, Holistic

Hello Everyone ... Something great to share with you! Hope you are as excited about what we've found in Noni as we are! While in Colorado I heard from another Noni distributor that this doctorDr. Kenneth Stejskal, has a clinic and he is giving patients Noni and Hoa 1 and 2. Their bodies, because of being cleansed of toxins and fed the right nutrients, are working at full capacity and have eliminated cancer, Alzheimers, diabetes, and all types of physical ailments from them! Patients have returned to him with the news that they've rid their bodies of breast tumors in 10 days, brain tumors that were inoperable in 30 days using a bottle of Noni everyday - cat scans showed no sign of a tumor.

When a patient comes to him he attacks the root cause of the ailment with detoxifiers (found in Noni). He says the ailment doesn't start on its own - it's either chemical imbalance or heavy metal. Once detoxified and the immune system is restored, the body will take care of the problem.

Dr. Stejskal worked with Gilbert Nordan this last year using Noni and Noni Hoa and two weeks ago Gilbert got a clean bill of health from the hospital - No HIV!!! Dr. Stejskal says his cancer patients use a bottle a day for 4 days, then ½ bottle for 4 days, then 8 oz. a day plus Noni Hoa until they get a clean bill of health. Average has been in 21 days for his patients.

He says chemotherapy is very bad for our bodies. He has been in cancer research since 1975 and has associated with over 2,000 doctors worldwide.

Since 1972 he has treated 19,000 plus different types of illness.

Since 1987 when he began treating terminally ill cancer patients (people sent home to die) he's treated around 8,000 terminally ill and only lost 64 patients!

He was written up in a medical journal as one of the top 5 diagnostic doctors in the world. He says it's not that he is (so great) he just uses the "horse sense" he grew up with on the farm. He was very helpful and very concerned throughout our conversation, which I might add was on his phone bill and more than ½ hour long. How many doctors spend that much time with a stranger when they have nothing to gain????

Getting back to Dr. Stejskal saying chemotherapy is bad for our bodies, he says the two doctors that invented chemotherapy were using a micro amount, just enough to make the body respond to it so the body would kick up the immune system to fight the chemo and that would trigger a response big enough to overcome the problem. The AMA came in and told them they have to use massive doses to make sure the cancer wouldn't return. The doctors told the AMA that is dangerous but they wouldn't listen and even threatened to take their licenses unless they used massive doses so, the inventors of chemotherapy don't use it because they don't want to be blood guilty.

Now, tens of thousands are dying, not from the cancer, but from pneumonia caused by their immune system weakened by chemotherapy. Chemotherapy causes different things to happen to the body according to how much the doctor is administering and how the body reacts to the toxins. People lose their hair and become very sick because their bodies are working extremely hard to clean out the chemicals. That's why it's necessary to get people on Noni and Noni Hoa, to help them overcome the effects of chemotherapy.

Dr. Stejskal talked about getting diabetics off insulin in 3 weeks. They take 1 ounce daily for one week, 2 ounces daily for one week, 3 ounces daily for one week (but necessary to adjust according to sugar level; it must be monitored while on Noni).

Alcoholics and smokers quit with Noni and Noni Hoa. He says their bodies are lacking some important chemicals or element so they crave drugs and using the complete system compensates for the missing components.

He also said to be careful with depressed people on pain killers, adding Noni could cause them mental problems, (presumably because it enhances other medications)! Also, people on a lot of drugs, prescriptions and others, will release a lot of toxic chemicals from the liver that have built up and these can dump out and sedate the colon, causing constipation. He says just use an herbal laxative and drink lots of water.

He ended the call with if we need help and he's not too busy he will help all he can. He's so busy he's not taking new patients so I feel privileged to have had this informative conversation with such a special doctor! I hope you enjoyed this letter. I can't wait to do great things with you as a team!

Geno and Barb Blagg

QUEENSLAND v. REX PETERSON was a 2006 Australia criminal prosecution of a 69 year-old Jehovah's Witness Minister, who was widely known in Brisbane, Queensland as a respected Doctor of Homeopathy. In November 2006, Rex Peterson was sentenced to 3 years in prison, with all but 4 months suspended, for having sexually assaulted two unidentified brothers back during the early 1970s.
CROWN v. JAMES BARRATT was a 2002 British criminal prosecution of a Jehovah's Witness Elder who was and still is a widely known Doctor of Homeopathy. In 2002, James Barratt, then age 45, a married father of two who then lived and practiced in Rugby, Warwickshire, was convicted by a Jury at Warwick Crown Court of using his position as a Jehovah's Witness Elder during the late 1980s and early 1990s to befriend two different young teenage males whom he eventually sexually molested. James Barratt was sentenced to two years in prison, with one year suspended. Barratt was also placed on the Sex Offender Registry for 10 years. Thus, James Barratt is currently free and clear of this past criminal sex conviction.

James Barratt's JW Wife has died, and he has relocated to a new area where he has been reinstated as a Jehovah's Witness, and he currently actively practices as a HOMEOPATH. James Barratt has a significant internet presence -- selling homeopathic concoctions on both eBAY and his own online website.

STATE BOARD OF CHIROPRACTIC EXAMINERS v. EDWARDS was a 1998-2000 case before Missouri's Administrative Hearing Commission. The State Board of Chiropractic Examiners filed a complaint on May 26, 1998, seeking the Commission’s determination that Gary F. Edwards' license to practice chiropractic be subject to discipline as a result of Edwards’ treatment of a patient named Duane Troyer. The Board’s allegations included incompetency, gross negligence, misconduct, and practicing medicine.

Gary F. Edwards, was a Jehovah's Witness Chiropractor, who did business in Independence, Missouri, as Edwards Back & Neck Care Center. This case arose out of Gary Edwards' treatment of a Mennonite farmer, named Duane Troyer, starting in April 1990. Apparently, this Jehovah's Witness Chiropractor had developed a relationship of trust with many members of Missouri's Mennonite and Amish communities.  Duane Troyer's parents and a grandmother had been patients of Edwards, and they referred Duane to Edwards. In October 1996, The Kansas City Star published an article which explained why many Mennonites and Amish sought out Gary Edwards:

"Medical science has produced many wondrous machines, but none was more alluring to the region's Mennonite or Amish communities than the one in Gary Edwards' Independence chiropractic office. Typically, the patient was ushered into an examining room where the chiropractor talked over any symptoms and then switched on what patients say he called "the Interro" or "the nutrition machine." Several independent accounts produce the same description: a computer screen and keyboard attached by wire to a stubby pencil-shaped probe.

But the machine wasn't used on just anybody. "If a doctor or anybody but the Mennonite families asked about it,"said Michelle Moore, who worked briefly for Edwards as a file clerk, "I was to say that it didn't exist." It was a special machine, she said, for special people.

Edwards would touch the probe to points on a patient's hand, acupuncture-style, Amish patients said. Supposedly the Interro detected the body's electrical impulses. The computer software, in theory, measured those impulses to see how well various organs in the body worked. The diagnosis was instant. And completely worthless. The Interro does not work. It can treat nothing. It can make no valid diagnosis."

[Readers interested in the use of "quack" medical devices by Jehovah's Witnesses at WatchTower Society world headquarters, should click HERE.]

Duane Troyer was a hemophiliac who had contracted AIDS from contaminated blood in 1984.  When Troyer learned that he was HIV positive, in April 1989, Duane was engaged to be married to fellow Mennonite, Regina Hershberger.  Duane and Regina Troyer were married on September 15, 1989. During the period of preparation for their Mennonite wedding, their religious leaders conducted an anointing ceremony, and prayed for Duane to be healed. Although the couple believed that God could heal Duane, they followed all precautions as recommended by Duane’s medical doctor. Duane and Regina understood that they must use a condom and contraceptive foam during sex, in order to guard against transmitting the virus to Regina, and that they must take precautions with regard to Duane’s blood, and that they would NOT be able to have children.

Duane and Regina Troyer first visited Gary Edwards on April 3, 1990.  Duane informed Edwards that he was HIV positive and wanted to know if there was anything that Edwards could do to help him. During that first visit, Edwards did not conduct any physical examination or chiropractic evaluation of Duane, other than the following. Although Edwards had never treated an HIV patient before, Edwards explained the use of his "Interro machine", which was a version of an Electro-Accupuncture According to Voll (EAV) machine, named after Reinhard Voll, the man who pioneered the use of such techniques.  Edwards attached a probe to Duane’s fingers and toes.  The probe was connected to a computer, which measured the electrical energy levels of certain body organ systems. Edwards' version of the Interro was an advanced model that not only diagnosed a patient's problems, but also assisted in the preparation of a homeopathic remedy. Edwards placed a bottle on top of the Interro while operating the machine. The bottle contained distilled water and gin. According to EAV theory, the machine places an electrical charge in the water, and the alcohol is necessary to hold the charge. The charge is meant to correct an electrical imbalance in the body. Edwards gave the bottle to Duane and told him to place 10 drops under his tongue three times per day, after slapping the bottle on the palm of his hand. Based on the Interro's readings, the computer printed a list of suggested vitamin, mineral, and herb supplements, which Edwards also gave to Troyer. Edwards represented to Duane and Regina that the object of his treatment was to bring the body’s systems into balance, and allegedly, that his treatment could eradicate the HIV from Duane’s body, which Edwards later denied saying.

On May 1, 1990, Duane again visited Edwards’ office.  Edwards again used the Interro, which indicated improvement, to formulate additional drops and suggest additional supplements. Duane visited Edwards’ office again on August 7, 1990.  His condition was better than at the previous visit.  Duane reported stiffness in his neck and back.  Edwards performed a chiropractic adjustment on Duane, used the Interro machine, and gave Duane more drops and supplements. Edwards allegedly stated that he would be able to eradicate the HIV.  Regina allegedly asked if she and Duane could have children when Duane’s body eradicated the HIV, and if Edwards and his wife would have children if they were in Duane and Regina’s position.  Edwards allegedly replied that he would proceed to have children if he were in their position because Duane’s body had gotten rid of the virus and it was not transmittable to anyone, which Edwards later denied saying.

Duane visited Edwards’ office on September 25, 1990.  Duane and Regina were moving to Montana at that time. Edwards used the Interro, which indicated that Troyer's body’s systems were close to balance, but gave Duane more drops and more supplements. On November 12, 1990, Duane visited Edwards’ office while he was in Missouri for a short visit to tend his farm.  Edwards drew blood for an HIV test and sent it to a lab.  Duane returned to Montana. The test showed that Duane remained HIV positive.

Edwards called and reported the test results to Regina Troyer on November 20, 1990, because Duane was en route back to Montana at the time with Regina's parents.  Allegedly, Edwards told Regina that the HIV test was negative, and that the HIV could not be transmitted to her. When Duane and Regina's parents arrived in Montana, Regina told them about her conversation with Edwards. Elizabeth Hershberger was skeptical that Duane's HIV had been eradicated. She called Edwards when she returned home to Missouri the first week of December. Edwards allegedly told Elizabeth Hershberger that he was absolutely certain that Duane's HIV had been eradicated, and that Duane could not transmit HIV to Regina, and that if Duane and Regina had a child, the child would be healthy. Allegedly, Edwards also placed a call to Duane’s parents’ home on November 21, 1990. Duane and Regina never had unprotected sexual relations prior to November 20, 1990. However, based on Edwards’ telephone calls, the couple believed that it was no longer necessary to practice safe sex.

On August 29, 1991, Duane visited Edwards’ office. Edwards used the Interro, which indicated that Troyer's body was nearly in balance, but gave more drops and more supplements. Edwards allegedly stated that the HIV was eradicated. Edwards indicated that Duane should return in 12 months.

Regina Troyer’s mother, Elizabeth Hershberger, made two telephone calls to Edwards’ office on November 2, 1991.  Elizabeth had learned that Regina was pregnant and wanted to find out if Regina would be OK. Edwards made an 11-minute collect call to the Hershberger residence on November 5, 1991. Allegedly, Edwards assured Hershberger that there was no risk to Regina. In her Christmas letter in 1991, Elizabeth announced that Regina was pregnant and that the couple's "homeopathic doctor" said there was no risk from HIV.

Regina Troyer gave birth to a daughter on May 20, 1992. Duane and Regina had moved back to Missouri by that time. Both Regina and the baby tested HIV positive. After the birth of his daughter, Duane’s health rapidly deteriorated.  At the urging of his parents and grandmother, Duane again visited Edwards’ office on July 31, 1992.  Edwards drew blood and took a hair sample, and sent them to a lab for analysis.  Edwards also did an chiropractic adjustment and diathermy, and gave Duane a supplement. Regina later alleged that she overheard Edwards tell Duane that his illness and symptoms had nothing to do with AIDS.

On August 12, 1992, Duane was admitted to Audrain Medical Center in Mexico, Missouri, and was diagnosed with pneumonia and AIDS. At Duane’s request, the hospital released him to go home on August 15, 1992. Later in August 1992, Duane was taken to the hospital in Brookfield, and was then transferred to Columbia.  Doctors diagnosed meningitis and a possible tumor in his brain, which were complications of AIDS. Because no treatment would be effective, the doctors sent Duane home to die. Duane Troyer died on September 5, 1992. Regina Troyer and her daughter were still alive as of late 1999, and were receiving medical treatment for their HIV conditions.

Quite interestingly, Duane Troyer's Mennonite father, David Troyer, who had been, and possibly still was, a patient of Gary Edwards, testified in 1999 to his recollection of events back in 1990-1. David Troyer stated that he accompanied Duane and Regina on visits to Edwards' office “a couple of times.”   David Troyer stated that he never heard Edwards state that he could cure HIV, and that Edwards stated that “he couldn’t cure anybody, but he could make their life more pleasant.”

The Commission made findings of fact that Gary Edwards represented that:  (1) Edwards' treatment could cure HIV/AIDS, (2) Duane Troyer had been cured, and, (3) Duane Troyer's later symptoms had nothing to do with AIDS.

With regard to the Board's charge of "incompetency", the Commission ruled, in part: "By attempting to cure HIV/AIDS, representing that Duane was cured, and failing to recognize that chiropractic was an inadequate and ineffective means for treatment of HIV/AIDS, Edwards demonstrated incompetence."

With regard to the Board's charge of "misconduct", the Commission ruled, in part: "By representing that he could cure HIV/AIDS and that the condition was cured, Edwards committed misconduct."    

With regard to the Board's charge of "gross negligence", the Commission ruled, in part: "Because we have concluded that Edwards acted with wrongful intent rather than with mere recklessness, he is not subject to discipline for gross negligence."

With regard to the Board's charge of "fraud, misrepresentation, and dishonesty", the Commission ruled, in part: "Edwards made false statements in order to make Duane and Regina pay him for the Interro treatments and drops.  Further, he did not tell Duane and Regina that the brown bottles contained nothing but gin and water.  Therefore, he is subject to discipline for fraud, misrepresentation, and dishonesty."

With regard to the Board's charge of "practicing medicine", the Commission ruled, in part:  "... Edwards went beyond providing nutrition by prescribing or administering a medicine and attempting to practice medicine ... ."

In February 2000, Missouri's Administrative Hearing Commission ruled that Gary Edwards could be disciplined by Missouri's State Board of Chiropractic Examiners.  In May 2000, the Board revoked Edwards' license to practice chiropractic, with imposition of revocation stayed pending Edwards' successful completion of a two-year suspension and a subsequent five-year probationary period.

However, in April 2002, on appeal from Gary Edwards, the Missouri Court of Appeals ruled that the Board's fact-finding body had erred by not allowing Edwards to have access to certain evidence during the discovery process, and reversed the Commission's decision, and remanded the case for further proceedings. DECISION. The Board subsequently withdrew its complaint against Edwards when Missouri's Supreme Court refused to hear their appeal on the reverse and remand.


EDWARDS v. GERSTEIN ET AL. Thereafter, Edwards filed a new lawsuit alleging that members of the Missouri Board of Chiropractic Examiners acted with gross negligence during the board's disciplinary proceedings against him, and alleging that a board employee engaged in malicious prosecution during her investigation of claims against Edwards. After venue in the case was moved from Jackson County to Cole County, the circuit court ultimately dismissed Edwards' suit, finding the board members were entitled to quasi-judicial immunity and that the board employee was immune from suit under the official immunity and public duty doctrines. Edwards appealed, but lost at the Court of Appeals level in December 2006. However, in October 2007, Missouri's Supreme Court reversed in part, and remanded for further proceedings on Edwards' charge of "gross negligence", from which the court ruled that the Commission members and employee were not immune (did not mean they were -- just that the charge could be heard).

In August 2010, a Cole County jury ruled in Edward's favor and awarded Edwards $6,284,759.00 against the individual board members. In January 2012, on appeal to the Missouri Court of Appeals, the the lower court's decision and award was affirmed. Unknown if appealed to Supreme Court of Missouri.


TARR ET AL v. EDWARDS was a 1999 Missouri civil court case. Incomplete details. In May 1999, three females filed a civil lawsuit against the Jehovah's Witness Chiropractor, Gary F. Edwards, alleging inappropriate sexual behavior. Sandra Tarr, a former employee, claimed that Edwards sexually harassed her by touching her, hugging her, kissing her, and rubbing up against her body.  Leslie Tuttle and Michelle Brown, both patients of Gary Edwards, alleged that objectionable behavior occurred while they were being treated at Edward's Independence, Missouri chiropractic office. Edwards denied the allegations. Outcome of this civil lawsuit is unknown. Unknown if criminal charges were pursued.


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